Our Quality policy is based in professional stability, encouraging training and professional improvement.

In Cendal we work according to the following principles:

Quality Service: The main objective of the firm is to provide the highest quality services. Our employment stability and constant training policies are on the side of personal improvement so we can achieve the goal of a Continuous Improvement.

Efficiency and Quickness: Services must be provided in the highest quality and in short term time. Because solutions out of time are not solutions.

Personalized service: We know that the only way to find good solutions is to be aware of the problems and the duties of the clients, that is the reason why we make this objective essential for us.

Advancement: We work in order to gain the confidence and loyalty of our clients, knowing their needs in advance, because the best problem is the one that doesn’t exist. For this reason we visit periodically our clients’ companies.

Confidentiality: the confidence that we inspire in our clients is based on the absolute confidentiality of any information received.

Professional ethics: a high ethic instinct and a high professionalism are essential qualities to be part of our professional team.


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