Fiscal and Tax Area.

We work day by day to keep our clients, monthly and every three months, informed. We do the necessary previsions in order to find the best solutions to reduce the risks and the fiscal pressure of your company.

Fiscal planning.
Advising and Representation in the Inspections of the Agencia Tributaria and/or before the Courts.
Tax Return.
Transfer tax and Succession Tax Planning.
Studies and Simulations of the Business Tax and Personal Income Tax.

 Commercial Law.

Statutory amendments: appointments, amendments of the partnership capital…etc.
Partnership separation, demerger of companies.
Constitution and Dissolution of companies.
Custody of the Minute Book.


We have our experience in Human Resources at your disposal so that your company adapts the job posts to its needs, reducing the costs. We offer continuous advising in Labour Law and, also, the best way of profiting from this labour regulation. We remark the following of our services:

Registrations of workers, lay-offs and modifications in Companies and Workers.
Elaboration and presentation of employment contracts and postponements.
Advising on Aids and Incentives for job creation.
Grant processing for workers, through organisms such as FEUGA, FUAC, etc.
Elaboration of payrolls and Social Insurances (TC-1, TC-2).
Elaboration and presentation of forms 110 and 190.
Representation and Attendance before the SMAC.
Representation and Attendance before Work Inspection.
Advising and Processing of papers for Pensions and Benefits in the INNS, maternity, retirement, widowhood, etc.
Advising on Labour Risk Prevention.
Elaboration and Presentation of papers for industrial accidents and sickness.

 Accounting Advising.

Planning and set-up of the Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting.
Organization and set-up of the Administrative and Accounting Circuits.
Review and Assessment of the Internal Monitoring Systems.
Review of Accounting Documentation, Restatement and Accounting Closing of the period.
Elaboration of the Annual Accounts and registration in the Registro Mercantil.


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